Advance trauma course on ‘Tibial Condylar Injuries’

Tibial Condylar Injuries present a wide spectrum of challenging scenarios and require careful understanding of the fracture pattern, meticulous planning and skillful execution to achieve a satisfactory result.

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With an impressive list of national faculties who are master trauma surgeons, to guide and enhance our understanding and knowledge, “Advanced Trauma Course on Tibial Condylar injuries” has been designed to cover all aspects of management of this complex injury.

Topics covered include » evaluation of X—ray & CT images to determine the appropriate surgical approach, Surgical videos of different approaches to proximal tibia, decision making & management of different patterns of unicondylar & bicondylar iniuries.

Along with this 5 workshops have been proposed on plate selection & plate moulding, fixation of posteromedial & posterolateral tibial condylar fractures with hands-on on saw bone models, management of rim injuries & avulsion fractures. On behalf of the organising committee, we look forward to welcoming you to orange city on 26th August 2018 for a grand academic feast.

Online Registrations are closed – Contact on Correspondence Address for Registration

Program Schedule:

26th August 2018 – Hotel Centre Point, Ramdaspeth, Nagpur.

Program Schedule
08.00-08.30 amMeet the Master over Breakfast with Video on Knee Anatomy
08.30-09.00 amWORKSHOP I - Plate Moulding & Plate Selection
09.00-10.00 amSESSION I - Back to Basics
1. Practical difficulties in Tibial Condylar lnjuriesDr.Nirbhay Karandikar7 mins.
2. Lesser known anatomical factsDr. Sanjay Sonawane7 mins.
3. What is given in books but we don‘t practiceDr. Manoj Pahukar7 mins.
4.Redefining classification : The Three Column ConceptDr. Swapnil Kothadia7 mins.
5. FirstAid in Tibial Condylar lnjuries -Timing of SurgeryDr. Budhia7 mins.
6. Inventories for Tibial Condylar FractureDr R. M.Chandak7 mins.
7. Imaging in Tibial Condyle FracturesDr. Parimal Fuke7 mins.
8. Management of open Tibial Condylar FracturesDr. K.Sharath Kumar Rao7 mins.
10.00-11.00 amSESSION II - Surgical Approaches to Proximal Tibia - Video Demos
1. AnterolateralDr. Swapnil Kothadia8 mins.
2. Submeniscal ApproachDr. D. D. Tanna8 mins.
3. Posteromedial ApproachDr K.Sharath Kumar Rao8 mins.
4. Frosch ApproachDr. Jignesh Pandya8 mins.
5. Posterior ApproachDr. Swapnil Kothadia8 mins.
6. X-ray & CTscan correlation to determine appropriate surgical approachDr. Jignesh Pandya15 mins.
11.15-12.15 pmSESSION III - Decision Making & Management of Unicondylar Injuries
1. Anterolateral ColumnDr. Swapnil Kothadia8 mins.
2. Posteromedial ColumnDr. K.Sharath Kumar Rao8 mins.
3. Posterolateral ColumnDr.Jignesh Pandya8 mins.
4. Non optimal Previous fixations, How I revised itDr. D. D. Tanna8 mins.
5. Managing infections-my wayDr. K.Sharath Kumar Rao8 mins.
6. Case Presentations15 mins.
12.15-12.30 pmMy Journey of TibiaI Plateau FixationsDr. D. D. Tanna15 mins.
12.30-12.35 pmRole of Denusemab in cystic lesions of boneDr. Devashis Barick5 mins.
12.35-12.40 pmRole of magnesium in bone MetabolismDr. Aditya Bothra5 mins.
12.40-01.30 pmWORKSHOP II : Posteromedial & Posterolateral Tibial Condylar Fracture : Approach & Fixation Strategies
01.30-02.00 pmLUNCH
02.00-03.00 pmSESSION IV- Fixation Strategies in Bicondylar Injuries
1. Anterolateral with posteromedial FragmentDr.K.Sharath KumarRao10 mins.
2. Anterolateral with posterolateral FragmentDr.Jignesh Pandya10 mins.
3. Posteriorcolumn (PM & PL fragment)Dr.Swapni Kothadia10 mins
4. Anterolateral with posteromedial & posterolateral fragmentDrJignesh Pandya10 mins.
5. Case DiscussionsDr. Sushrut Babhulkar15 mins.
03.00-04.00 pmSESSION V— Special Scenarios
1. Intercondylar eminence fractures associated with tibial condylar fracturesDr. K. Sharath Kumar Rao8 mins.
2. Associated PCL avulsion fracturesDr.Jignesh Pandya8 mins.
3. Tibial tuberosity avulsion associated with tibial condyle fracturesDr. Unmesh Mahajan8 mins.
4. What to do when things are not happening the way you like, revise or acceptDr. D. D. Tanna8 mins.
5. "Aa bail mujhe maar” Dr. Wasudeo Gadegone10 mins
6. Panel DiscussionDr. Ashutosh Apte15 mins
04.00-05.00 pmWORKSHOP III - Approach & Fixation Strategies of Avulsion Fractures
WORKSHOP IV - Rim Injuries
WORKSHOP V ~ High Tibial Osteotomy
(Delegates may opt for any 1 of the above 3)
Online Registrations are closed – Contact on Correspondence Address for Registration

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Hon. Secretary, Vidarbha Orthopaedic Society, Nagpur
Khobragade Multispeciality Hospital,
Indora Chowk, Nagpur 440 017
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Online Registrations are closed – Contact on Correspondence Address for Registration
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