Clinical Meet Guidelines

Dear Members,

As we begin a new academic tenure, we are bound to create an environment to have healthy sharing of sound knowledge on our academic platform. We must take continuous steps towards raising the bar of academic deliberations so as to help the society grow and reach new heights of academic excellence. The Team VOS (2015-16) wishes to make humble suggestions for this academic year, to make our scientific journey together, more fruitful & interesting. The suggestions are as follows:

  1. Each clinical meet will have 6 presentations (that include trauma & sub-speciality orthopaedics) and 3 clinical cases.Only VOS members will be given opportunity for presentations in addition to invited faculty.
  2. This year, in order to promote young orthopaedic surgeons, we propose to have 2 new presenters in every clinical meet. Those who wish to present a case or wish to talk on some topic can submit their presentation to clinical committee for review. Their presentation will be definitely given a slot in the academic calendar.
  3. Each presentation shall be of maximum 10 minutes (not more than 35 – 40 slides). Presentations shall be evidence based with review of literature. Scientifically backed personal experiences may also be shared. Every presentation shall preferably
    1. Begin with clinical question/s,
    2. Have 2-3 concluding slides and
    3. Must have a ‘Take Home Message’.
  4. Each presentation will be followed by academic discussion (strictly 5 minutes only). The Chairpersons will contain the discussion to the topic presented. The questions will be directed to the Chairperson, who may ask the speaker or any member present, to reply to the query of the audience member. Chairman may interrupt the discussion at any time, on his discretion to keep time or to steer the discussion in right direction. Any comment or additional information regarding that topic can be shared only if allowed by Chairman. Any personal or detailed questions can be discussed with the presenters during lunch/ dinner.
  5. Clinical case/s presentations can be either be in form a power-point presentation or simple presentation of cases on a view box. Each presenter will get not more than 7 minutes whether it is single case or series, followed by discussion. Clinical cases presented in scientific format and based on recent evidence will be appreciated.
  6. All members are kindly requested to volunteer their presentations and cases with the respective clinical meet coordinators or with clinical committee members in advance. From this academic year, Team VOS wishes to make a “pool” of presentations and clinical cases. Presentations and cases from common pool will be allotted to respective clinical meetings and VOS annual conference 2015.
  7. The Team VOS is eager to help members, who are beginners or first time presenters, if they need any scientific assistance OR any help regarding the presentation.

Deocendo Discimus…
(More we share our knowledge, more we learn)
Please, feel free to contact our Clinical Team:

Thank you,

Team VOS, 2015-16.

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