Communication Skills

During our tenure at Clinical Committee of VOS for current year it is our endeavour to organise as many scientific deliberations as possible, to keep up with the latest in orthopaedic knowledge, surgical skills & clinical updates.
We have organised a scientific program for the members of VOS to help us manage stress better and maintain a harmonious work-family-personal life balance on
19 October 2014.
This program is strictly for a limited number of audience as it involves lot of personal communication and attention. Therefore, we request you to register with us well in advance as enrolment for this program is strictly by prior registration only.
 We all are people with high IQ levels but ,we are under constant stress because of work-load, family responsibilities, financial burdens, social obligations, peer competition e.t.c, in addition to problems regarding patient behaviour, hospital staff management etc.
Emotional intelligence
a concept developed by Prof Daniel Goleman and personal communication skills theory by Dr  Eric Berne are testimony to the fact that  emotional quotient (EQ) is as important as our IQ.
The workshop is conducted by
Prof. Raghvan group, IBS Hyderabad/ Banglore
50seats only
First Come First Serve Basis
(Please all make payments either in cash or cheque in favour of “Vidarbha orthopaedic society” payable at nagpur)
Reg fee Rs.1000/-  (15times less than usual)
Call :Dr Chandak/ Dr Pahukar/Dr. Alankar Ramteke/ Andulkar
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