Did you know that what you think is what you become?

The key to a successful life lies in doing things that make you happy.

Read on to find out how simple thoughts and actions can influence your day, career and life.

When you wake up first thing in the morning, your mind and heart rested and fresh, do you look forward to your day?

Or do you have thoughts about how your day is going to be the same old one as it has been for the last so many months/ years?

Unfortunately, as many law of attraction experts have told us, energy precedes form.

So if your thoughts about your day aren’t exciting, passionate and enthusiastic then in all likelihood the day isn’t going to be either!

But apart from actually changing your thoughts to make them more positive, there’s also a lot to look at in terms of making your day something you can’t wait to live.

I can imagine some of you feeling right now that a day of your dreams is one that’s spent at the spa or travelling and shopping or doing something that you love doing.

That is totally fair, and so my question to you is, ‘what are you aiming to feel?’

Danielle La Porte’s work around core desired feelings can be so helpful for us to determine how we would like our days to be.

La Porte describes core desired feelings as the emotions we are looking to feel with all the actions we take.

So if you like shopping, you are possibly looking to feel free about how you spend, looking to feel blessed about the abundance in your life or looking to feel appreciated by looking your best.

These feelings, once you arrive at them, can be a really powerful way of navigating through your days to build a life of your dreams.

And it can happen in really simple steps.

1. Get familiar with your core desired feelings

2. Notice how they make you feel

3. Do one thing each day that makes you feel each of those

Remember a time perhaps from your childhood where you felt free, passionate (or alive!) and happy so easily.

You did all the things that actually felt good and you naturally let yourself be pulled towards activities, games and people who made you feel good.

Do you remember obsessing about food when you were like that?

Or perhaps a time when you had this huge crush on the guy next door. And you were so consumed by it that you would only think about him all the time.

You didn’t care about food, drink or anything else.

In any of these situations, your life was feeding you with love, passion, happiness and connection so much so that you didn’t worry about food so much.

If we truly live a life that feeds us then we won’t depend as much on food. We won’t need to worry about cravings, over-eating and giving in to temptations.

The things that can empower you to have your BEST health and body — intuitive eating, listening to your body and respecting yourself become much easier!

It’s not that not thinking about food is enough to stay healthy. But when your life feeds you, you are able to have the two things that you most need to keep your health and body well.

1. One is a positive frame of mind

2. And two is consistent energy


1. A positive frame of mind allows you to find the best possible solution in any given circumstance.

Have you noticed that when you are angry or pissed off, every little thing that happens then just throws you off very easily?

If you are unhappy about your day and your life in any way and not feeling very positive, small health concerns are more likely to throw you off.

Whereas if you are positive and feeling good about yourself, and you have a minor pain or a rash or a headache then you are able to look at possible causes and choose a way of taking care of yourself that is doable and helpful at that time.


2. Thoughts have energy. So we know that.

But we don’t realise that negative, uninspiring thoughts have the power to sap us off energy.

We feel pulled down, ineffective and least creative when we are feeling uninspired. Without a way to feel our core desired feelings on a consistent basis we feel really low on energy.

I had a dear friend who worked full time and came back home to take care of her then three-year-old girl.

She would go about her day travelling almost an hour each way and still come back and feel energised about running after her daughter at the playground.

A few months later, she decided to quit working to spend more time with her daughter. She began to feel uninspired and unproductive about her day.

She said she felt that she couldn’t be creative and felt that by the end of the day she began to feel low on energy.

She was no longer excited about playing with her daughter in the playground and didn’t feel motivated to do many of the things that she would otherwise do with her!

When she realised that her life wasn’t feeding her any more she decided to make a shift in her day by taking up something she really loved from the core of her being.

She decided to enrol for singing classes and started to feel better right away!

The author is a speaker, writer, coach, and founder of The Balance Mantra, a 360 degree wellness initiative.

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