Installation Ceremony


Change is the key stone for progress of any society. The vidarbha orthopaedic society is not an exception to it. In order to continue its march ahead there is a change of guard of the society every year. This year also the new team of office bearers for the year 2015-2016 has taken up the charge from April.

The new team also intends to expand the vision of the Vidarbha orthopaedic society further by its theme this year

“Creating awareness to save lives”.

Under the able guidance of the patron Dr.Sudhir S.Babhulkar we attempt to socialize the orthopaedic knowledge for the benefit of the people. Through this program  we intend to create awareness amongst the road users about road safety rules, so as to prevent accidents and reduce the mortality and morbidity.

This team of office bearers is sure that all the members of the Vidarbha orthopaedic society will render their utmost cooperation for the completion of another successful year in the history of the society.

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