We believe in breaking down the barriers that prevent many people worldwide from accessing the medicine and health care they need, we pledge to improve quality of life for our patients and consumers, while helping to educate health care professionals about the latest tools and treatments. As part of  such initiative, we have collaborated with Indian Orthopaedic Association (IOA) to launch one of its kinds of initiative IOA OEP (OthoExcellence Program)  on latest guidelines and treatment methodologies across all related therapeutic areas in this vary field.


5th July 2015

9 am to 4pm

Hotel Radisson Blu, Nagpur

IOA –OEP PROGRAMME 5th July 2015.

Local Co- ordinator for MOA: Dr. Sushrut Babhulkar

VOS Convenor: Dr. Yogesh Deshmukh, Dr. Amit Hadole

VOS Meeting Chairman: Dr. Ganesh Phundkar, Dr. Avinash Patil.

for the deatails click on the link below::

IOA-OEP 1 (1)

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