We believe in breaking down the barriers that prevent many people worldwide from accessing the medicine and health care they need, we pledge to improve quality of life for our patients and consumers, while helping to educate health care professionals about the latest tools and treatments. As part of  such initiative, we have collaborated with Indian Orthopaedic Association (IOA) to launch one of its kinds of initiative IOA OEP (Otho Excellence Program)  on latest guidelines and treatment methodologies across all related therapeutic areas in this vary field.


5th July 2015,9 am to 4pm

Hotel Radisson Blu, Nagpur



Local Co- ordinator for MOA: Dr. Sushrut Babhulkar

VOS Convenor: Dr. Yogesh Deshmukh, Dr. Amit Hadole

VOS Meeting Chairman: Dr. Ganesh Phundkar, Dr. Avinash Patil.


Time From Time To Topic Speakers
I 9.00 Hr 9.25 Hr Registration
II 9.25 Hr 9.35 Hr Welcome and Introduction Dr. Amit Hadole
III 9.35 Hr 9.40 Hr Context Setting Dr. Yogesh Deshmukh
IV 9.40 Hr 9.45 Hr Address from IOA Office Bearers
V 9.45 Hr 9.55 Hr Address from IOA Office Bearers
VI 9.55 Hr 10.00 Hr Lamp Lighting Panel
Scientific program
Time From Time To Topic Speaker Chairperson
 1 10.00 Hr 10.20 Hr Diagnosis and Management of Low Back Pain Dr. Ashok Lawange Dr Anil Golhar
 2 10.20 Hr 10.40Hr Diagnosis and Management of Osteoporosis-From Guidelines to practice. Dr Sanjiv Chaudhary Dr. N. K. Saxena
3 10.40 Hr 11.00 Hr Q/A  and Tea Break
4 11.00Hr 11.20hr Management of Osteoarthritis  Dr Laghuvendu  Dr. Sajal Mitra
 5 11.20 Hr 11.40 Hr Diagnosis and Management of Non Cancer Pain-What’s New Dr.  ChandrashekharCham Dr. Suhas Singh
6 11.40 Hr 12.00 Hr Diagnosis and Management of Hyperurecemia Dr.  Ajit Phadke Dr. Pradeep Barad
 7 12.00 Hr 12.20 Hr Local Infiltration in Orthopaedic Practice-Indications , Tips and Tricks Dr. MakrandDhopavkar Dr. R.N. Deoghare
 8 12.20 Hr 13.15 Hr  Lunch
9 13.15 Hr 13.45 Hr Red flags during consultation that predicts – a problem patient.How to avoid future problems? Dr. Mahendra Kale Dr. Kiran Saoji
 10 13.45 Hr 14.15 Hr How to break bad news to the patient? Death, second surgery, infection etc Dr. Ashutosh Apte Dr. Vivek Gadge
 11 14.15 Hr 14.35 Hr EBM and Need for Orthopaedic Research Dr. Manoj Pahukar Dr. Devashis Barick
 12 14.35 hr 14.55 Hr Publication in Orthopaedics-Points to be followed Dr. Alankar Ramteke Dr. Sudhir Soni.
Q &A/Tea Break
 13 15.15Hr 15.45 Hr Non union neck femur – How I do it? (Valgus Osteotomy) Dr. Wasudeo Gadegone Dr.Subramanian
14 15.45 Hr 16.15 Hr Management of fractures of distal tibia. Dr.C.N. Kulkarni Dr. Anil Masand
15 16.15 Hr 16.45 Hr Primary Arthroplasty for neck Femur Dr Unmesh Mahajan Dr. Rajendra Patil
14 16.45 Hr 17.00 Hr Vote of Thanks Dr. Amit Hadole


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