Letter From Secretary 2014-15


Summer is upon us and winds of change blow through Vidarbha Orthopaedic Society, Nagpur. We have on board, a new Executive Committee, with promises of fresh enthusiasm, new initiatives and enhanced communication with our members. We have made tremendous progress since our Society was founded more than 30 years ago, and exciting times lay ahead!

This year with energetic dynamic clinical committee, we had more than 30 programmes including live operative workshops, CME, Conference, allied speciality meetings, sub-speciality Courses, Post-graduate courses, interactive discussions & clinical meetings. We had an opportunity to interact with eminent invited faculties from various sub-specialities throughout year. MOACON_VOSCON  2014 at Akola was a success, both in terms of the rich academic content & social camaraderie that accompanied it. Non-academic programmes were also a huge success this year with active participation from all members.

VOS is now poised to establish leadership status in our central India and we need to develop close ties with Orthopaedic Societies of neighbouring areas. Few of our members, in their individual capacities, have been invited to participate as faculty at Annual Conferences at National and international levels. VOS will encourage members to cross regional borders and exchange wisdom& knowledge. Even young surgeons are actively interested in proliferation of ideas and opportunity for presentations.I humbly take an opportunity to thank all founder members of VOS to provide us our own platform for academic activities. I thank executive body and all members for their continuous support and encouragement. We would love to hear from you for feedback and suggestions for improvement!



Dr Manoj Pahukar

Secretary, VidarbhaOrthopedic Society

MS, DNB Ortho, MNAMS, FKS Belgium, SICOT, AO Hongkong

Sr Consultant, Wockhardt Super-speciality Hospitals, Nagpur. 09/02/2015

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