VOS Bone & Joint Infection Meet

Team VOS takes great pleasure to invite you for a unique event :
“VOS Bone & Joint Infection Meet”
to be held on 7th Oct 2018 at Hotel Centre Point, Nagpur.

For this meeting we are privileged to have Dr Vikas Agashe sir who has a huge body of work and is a leading authority on osteoarticular infections in India.

The uniqueness of this meeting is the emphasis on preventive aspects where the faculty consisting of orthosurgeons, microbiologist, infectious disease specialist & resource person are going to enlighten us on all the steps that can be taken to reduce the incidence of post op infections.

This is going to be followed by interactive case based discussions where Dr Agashe is going to elaborate on “The six legged chair” approach to manage osteoarticular infections.

I am sure this is going to be a great learning experience and will definitely have a very positive impact on our practice.
We look forward to seeing you all at the meeting on Sunday morning.

Details of the program are as follows:

Dr Kiran Saoji
Dr Avinash Ranade

Dr Pravin Agrawal
Dr Sagar Raghuwanshi

Dr Vikas Agashe
Dr Subramaniam
Dr Mrs Deshmukh
Dr Mrs Ashwini Tayade
Mr Siddharth Malani

Session 1: 9-11am
A. Sterilisation of Instruments & Implants – Mr Siddharth Malani
1. Different types of sterilisation methods
a) Steam sterilisation
b) Gas sterilisation (ETO)
c) Chemical sterilisation (Cidex)
d) Plasma
2. Monitoring of Sterilization
Class I-VI indicators
Process challenge devices
Identification of breach in autoclaving after post op infection.
3. How to pack instruments and how to store.
4. How to document proper sterilisation

B. Operation theatre disinfection : Dr Mrs Deshmukh, Microbiologist.
1. Surface disinfection
2. Air management – Fumigation & fogging.
Laminar air flow – ventilation of OR, filter used, particle size etc.
3. Air quality assessment – OT swab, air culture, coliform count ,particle count.
4. Periodic disinfection of OT – Before 1st case, after each case, at end of day.
5. Emergency disinfection and disinfection after an infected /HBsAg/HIV case,
6. Transport of infected material to microbiologist

C. Perioperative antibiotics- Dr. Ashwini Tayade, Infectious Disease Specialist

D. Patient & Surgical team factors in infection prevention : Dr Subramaniam
1. Pre op pt prepration – Hair removal, Nasal decolonisation, bath
2. Surgical team & patient scrubbing
3. Surgical attire – Linen material, hoods, cap , masks, gowns
4. Gowning & Gloving
5. Skin prep of pt
6. Incise drapes
7. Wound irrigation
8. Drains
9. Antibiotic coated sutures

Session 2: 11am-1:30pm
Management of osteoarticular infections — The six legged chair – Dr Vikas Agashe
1. Debridement
2. Micro and histopath studies
3. Appropriate antibiotics
4. Soft tissue cover
5. Support
6. Ancillary measures VAC and local antibiotics.
Interactive case based discussion session.

Meeting will be followed by Lunch.

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