11th April, 2016

Respected Teachers, Seniors & Dear Colleagues,
Greetings for the year 2016!

We begin our journey for 16-17 with a theme of “academics, brotherhood & harmony”. The first clinical meeting of the academic tenure is on ‘PROXIMAL FEMORAL FRACTURES: COMPLEX SITUATIONS’ – Sunday 17th April, 2016, Hotel Centre Point, Ramdaspeth Nagpur at 9 AM.

The interest in these fractures is increasing with aging population and complex situations faced by us in our daily practices like economic constraints, late presentations, delayed unions or non unions, along with increasingly complex fracture patterns.

The chairpersons for the meeting are Dr Wasudeo Gadegone & Dr Ravi Dashputra. The agenda for meeting shall be as follows:

  1. Determining the physiological age of the patient : decision making and thought process while choosing a treatment modality (Dr Makarand  Dhopavkar)
  2. Reduction techniques in proximal femoral fractures: tips and tricks (Dr Anil Masand)
  3. Primary osteotomy for unstable fracture intracapsular neck of femur : surgical technique( Dr Wasudeo Gadegone)
  4. Newer implant designs for treatment of fractures of the proximal  femur (Dr. Aniruddha Wargantiwar)

Tea break (Tea served at your tables)

  1. vosregistry.in (Dr Ashutosh Apte)
  2. Reconstructing the lateral wall in IT fractures: the new villain (Dr Alok Umre)
  3. Proximal femoral fracture with an ipsilateral femoral fracture: treatment options and evidence (Dr Devasish Barick)
  4. Pediatric fractures of the proximal femur (Dr Viraj Shingade)
  5. Failed primary fixations for extracapsular fractures -salvage versus replacement (Dr Ashok Subramanium)
  6. Delayed presentations & non unions of femoral neck fractures (Dr Rajendra Chandak)
  7. LUNCH
    * Please bring X rays for discussions, preferably on PPT format.
    * Lots of time for interactive sessions & relevant discussions with seniors & teachers.

Dr Nirbhay Karandikar, Clinical Committee

Dr Alankar A Ramteke, Secretary VOS

Dr Rajendra Choudhary, President VOS

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