VOS Sports and Cultural Conclave

Vidarbha Orthopaedic Society Nagpur will be organizing a sports and cultural conclave to showcase the non-academic talents in sports and cultural activities of its members. As there is life beyond orthopedics too, let’s come together and explore the various facets of our abilities. We welcome you with your hobbies, what’s so ever it may be including running, table tennis, badminton, chess, carom, cricket, box cricket, singing, painting, photography, etc.

This will be a one-day conclave on SUNDAY 05/01/2020 to be held at Nehru Stadium Amravati under able organizing expertise of DR. HRISHIKESH SAODEKAR, DR. JAYPRAKSH BANKER and supported by AMRAVATI ORTHOPAEDIC SOCIETY. THIS WILL BE EXCLUSIVELY FOR VOS MEMBERS AND FAMILIES. Orthopedic surgeons from Vidarbha who are not members of VIDARBHA ORTHOPAEDIC SOCIETY  can participate with their family members if they become life members of VIDARBHA ORTHOPAEDIC SOCIETY by 20/12/2019. Let’s meet and enjoy a healthy camaraderie Participate with your family members. Use the platform to showcase the talent of your kids, spouses and yourself.

See you there

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