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It is a matter of great privilege for us to invite you all for VOSCON 2017 at Amravati from 13th-15th October 2017.We always await this grand event in our annual calendar for its academics, camaraderie and to showcase our talent.

The scientific committee has prepared an academic recipe for all of you to devour. Not to mention the warm hospitality which will be extended to you. Osteasynthesis of fractures of heed and the nonunions have long tormented our brains. These two workshops will address and give insights in overcoming these obstacles in ourday to day practice.

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These are the days of CPA and lack of trust in doctor patient relationship. This requires us to be abreast of tackling emergency situations. Forth we have entailed services of LIHS. A dedicated team from this premier AHA (American Heart Association) accredited Institute will teach us hands on about coming out of such tricky situations.

The theme for this meet is LEARNING FROM FAILURES. For this all our star facultes international and national shall be offloading years of their experience for us.

So dear friends waste no time, register early for the conference & workshop /limited seats) and get ready to experience the academic extravaganza.

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