VOSCON 2019, Akola

How Bone Connects Life’s Past, Present and Future?

When I think of bones, I think of Darwin’s “endless forms most beautiful and most wonderful.” Everything about the bones inside us, from their arrangement to their microscopic structure, is a testament to the way evolution mixes blind chance with the winnowing edge of natural selection. By mixing and matching old parts, forced along only by what’s useful in any given moment, what’s old becomes something new.

But that’s hardly all. We carry the past in our bones. Our species is relatively young, still a long way away from the million-year average that most mammals tend to persist, but even though we prefer to believe in our novelty, our skeletons underscore the truth..

Our evolution continues, but we’re mostly able to pick out these differences because we’ve developed a talent for noticing patterns in our own species. From the broader view of the fossil record, there is nothing about you or me that is particularly unexpected or staggering. We’re variations on a theme, a new combination of features that makes us stand out but also, more important, joins us to a history longer than any of us have a hope of truly and fully comprehending.

It’s really the best chance we have at lasting beyond ourselves. The legacies that we try to build are either dimmed or destroyed by the passing of time. There is almost nothing that we can create that holds any permanence. But if summer after summer of scuffing my boots on arid rocks and feeling the back of my neck crisp as I scan the ground has taught me anything, it’s that bones are the one chance we have at lasting millions upon millions of years, the purest and most minimalistic records of who we were.

Still, the bigger point of any study of prehistory is to put the past in its place against the watermark of the present, perhaps even joining the two.

As much as I love the phrase “lost worlds,” the fact is that it has always been the same world, with today’s life inextricably entwined with that of the past. Processes that occur now did not just pop into existence for us to observe them; they’ve been going on as long as there has been life.

Skeleton Keys: The Secret Life of Bone

Bone is a marvel, an adaptable and resilient building material developed over 500 million years of evolutionary history. It gives our bodies their shapes and the ability to move. It grows and changes with us, an undeniable document of who we are and how we lived. Arguably, no other part of the human anatomy has such rich scientific and cultural significance, both brimming with life and a potent symbol of death.

VOS Office

While keeping in alignment with ever increasing expectations of VOS members from annual meeting of our regional organisation, the responsibility of fulfilling on those expectations this year is rested upon the shoulders of Presidential city chapter, Akola Orthopaedic Society(AOS).

Trends and concepts in Orthopaedic practice keep changing as per demands of society. As expectations and demands of patients are changing, we too need to change and upgrade. Upgradation is always based on our past experiences and should have modularity for future. ’Learning From the past and looking into the future’, as tagline of VOSCON 2019, will offer you the concepts on various orthopaedic topics in accordance with the theme. National and international masters in these fields will be squandering pearls of their knowledge and experience. VOS Office of 2019-20 & AOS are eager to welcome you all on 19th and 20th October 2019.

Your august presence for VOSCON 2019 is must for us.

Dr Mahendra Kale
President VOS 2019-20

Dr Nirbhay Karandikar
Hon. Secretary VOS 2019-20

Organiser’s Zeal

Dear Orthopods,
It gives us a great pleasure to invite you on behalf of Organisers for VOSCON 2019. Those who have past experience of organising an orthopedic event, will resonate with us on understanding the painstaking efforts in putting up the grand show in right manner. We are fully aware of the absolute needs of effecting such event tasteful enough on the parameters of academic, social and relaxing qualities.

Be assured, we are fully determined and working hard towards offering you all one another memorable event, years after what we delivered at MOACON 2014. Hope to see you at VOSCON 2019, actively participating in the exchange of scientific knowledge and harmony.

Best Wishes.

Dr Ranjeet Deshmukh
Org. Secretary

Dr Shailesh Deshmukh
Org. Chairman

Dr Ashutosh Dabre
Jt Org. Secretary

AOS Invite

Dear friends,
On behalf of Akola Orthopaedic Society (AOS), it is our great pleasure to welcome you to the 38th Annual Vidarbha Orthopaedic Society conference, VOSCON 2019. AOS is pleased to host the conference this year, where we will have the opportunity to learn from some of the eminent faculties in the field of Orthopaedic Surgery.

Whether you are attending for the first time or are coming again to attend sessions and meet old friends, we are looking forward to seeing you and will make every effort to ensure you have a memorable experience, diligently carved and conferred through camaraderie at our relatively small family called AOS.

We look forward to hosting you at Akola, the Cotton city of Central India.

Dr Gopal Sikwal
President AOS 2019-20

Dr Tejas Waghela
Hon.Secretary AOS 2019-20

What brings limelight & worth to any academic gathering is the versatility of the ‘faculty’ talking… representing beliefs & practices of every generation… which shall unfold the vast horizon of orthopaedic knowledge to attending delegates… for them to enhance their understanding about core areas of day to day orthopaedics.

With this clear intention at the forefront, we have taken efforts to rope in the authoritative academic figures onboard from all over the country; rightly blended with our native VOS speakers, many who already have made their presence felt at National & International forums.

Cumulatively, our chosen faculties will help us offering scientific buffet for delegates which will be a right mix of pearls of ‘yesteryears’, established  practices  of  ‘today’ & perspectives for ‘future’ orthopaedics.

Faculty onboard

Dr. Ajit Phadke – Yaotmal
Dr. Alaric Aroojis – Mumbai
Dr. Amit Varade – Nashik
Dr. Anil Karkhanis – Mumbai
Dr. Anup Kothari – Yaotmal
Dr. Ashok Gavaskar – Chennai
Dr. B Shivashankar – Solapur
Dr. Chetan Pradhan – Pune
Dr. Dipak Malokar – Akola
Dr. Praveen Bhardwaj – Coimbatore
Dr. Priyesh Dhoke – Nagpur
Dr. Rahul Tanga – Bijapur
Dr. Rajendra Chandak – Nagpur
Dr. Rajendra Nehete – Nashik
Dr. S K Srivastava – Mumbai
Dr. Samrat Taori – Nagpur
Dr. Sandeep Patwardhan – Pune
Dr. Sangeet Gawhale – Mumbai
Dr. Hemant Patankar – Mumbai
Dr. Indrajeet Deshmukh – Akola
Dr. Ketan Khurjekar – Pune
Dr. Mahendra Kale – Akola
Dr. Manoj Singrakhia – Nagpur
Dr. Milind Chaudhary – Akola
Dr. Mukesh Laddha – Nagpur
Dr. Nilesh Kamat – Pune
Dr. Nirbhay Karandikar – Nagpur
Dr. Pradip Nemade – Mumbai
Dr. Sanjay Shinde – Akola
Dr. Satish Sonar – Nagpur
Dr. Sanjay Sonawne – Akola
Dr. Satyajeet Jagtap – Nagpur
Dr. Sudhir Warrier – Mumbai
Dr. Tejas Waghela – Akola
Dr. Unmesh Mahajan – Nagpur
Dr. Vijayanand Lokhande – Pune
Dr. Viraj Shingade – Nagpur
Dr. Wasudeo Gadegone – Chandrapur

SILVOSCON Oration 2019

Silver Jubilee VOSCON oration remains the prestigious plenary session at every VOSCON, where one of the eminent faculty is invited to deliver a mass utility lecture. The obvious choice for us this year was, one of our very own, who had been one of the pioneer of Orthopaedic subSpeciality ‘Limb Lengthening & Deformity Corrections’ in India & contributor to its evolution as the broader utility in major Orthopaedic subspecialties like ‘trauma, paediatrics & Joint care’.

Presenting to you all, Dr Milind Chaudhary…at his oratory best… to take us all along, on the journey of ‘evolution’ of his speciality, he chose to live-in with day-in & out, generation ago.

Saturday 19 October 2019

08:00 am - 09:00 amRegistrations & Breakfast
09:00 am - 10:00 amSession: Hip (Chairpersons: Dr Kailash Murarka, Dr Ganesh Pundkar, Dr Shyam Rathi)
09:00 am - 09:08 amDebate: Role of TSP in the management of Intertrochanteric fractureFor: Dr. Anup Kothari
09:08 am - 09:16 amAgainst: Dr. Mahendra Kale
09:16 am - 09:24 amOsteosynthesis for failed PFNDr. B Shivashankar
09:24 am - 09:32 amManagement of neglected fracture of neck of femurDr. Wasudeo Gadegone
09:32 am - 09:40 amReduction techniques for successful nailing of Subtrochanteric fractureDr. Ashok Gavaskar
09:40 am - 09:48 amUtility of integrated screw design nails in pertrochanteric fracturesDr. Vijayanand Lokhande
09:48 am - 10:00 amQuestion- Answer sessionAll speakers
10:00 am - 11:00 amSession: Distal Femur & Knee(Chairpersons: Dr Avinash Patil, Dr C N Kulkarni , Dr Pramod Raut)
10:00 am - 10:08 amModified lateral Swashbuckler approach- Technique VideoDr. Rahul Tanga
10:08 am - 10:16 amAssessment and treatment of failed femur shaft fractureDr. Ashok Gavaskar
10:16 am - 10:24 amTreatment strategies for Malunited Hoffas fractureDr. Pradip Nemade
10:24 am - 10:32 amFloating Knee injuries: My experienceDr. Rahul Tanga
10:32 am - 10:40 amManagement after failed distal femur plate osteosynthesisDr. Sangeet Gawhale
10:40 am - 10:48 amFrosch Approach for Tibial plateau fractureDr. Indrajeet Deshmukh
10:48 am - 11:00 amQuestion- Answer sessionAll speaker
11:00 am - 12:00 pmSession:Spine(Chairpersons: Dr Hemant Joshi, Dr AshokLawange)
11:00 am - 11:08 amSpine Care: Shifting gearsDr. Sanjay Shinde
11:08 am - 11:16 amDo pearls of the past still hold essence?Dr. S K Srivastava
11:16 am - 11:24 amWhat is selling hot today in spine surgery?Dr. Manoj Singrakhia
11:24 am - 11:32 amWhat future holds..?Dr. Ketan Khurjekar
11:32 am - 11:40 amHow to enhance outcomes of Lumbar decompression surgeries?Dr. S K Srivastava
11:40 am - 11:48 amRevisiting infected spinal fusionsDr. Ketan Khurjekar
11:48 am - 12:00 pmLets dissect it- Interactive case based discussionDr. Priyesh Dhoke (Moderator)
12:00 pm - 01:00 pmSilvosconoration(Chairpersons: Dr Mahendra Kale, Dr NirbhayKarandikar)
Limb lengthening and deformity correction: Evolution of a speciality— Dr. Milind Chaudhary
01:00 pm - 01:30 pmLunch
Posters Evaluation @h/o Judges: Dr S K Shrivastava, Dr Ashok Gavaskar, Dr Rajesh Gadhiya
Trade Exhibition Inauguration @h/o: Dr M M Rathi, Dr Rahman Khan, Dr Abhay Patil
01:30 pm - 02:30 pmSession: Foot and Ankle(Chairpersons: Dr Shailesh Deshmukh, Dr Ajay Duddalwar, Dr Rajendra Chaudhary)
01:30 pm - 01:38 pmTalus fracture: When and how to fix?Dr. Ashok Gavaskar
01:38 pm - 01:46 pmORIF of Calcaneal Fractures: Ideal techniqueDr. Chetan Pradhan
01:46 pm - 01:54 pmEasy answers to Tibial plafond fracturesDr. Anil Karkhanis
01:54 pm - 02:02 pmTreatment protocol for posterior ankle injuryDr. Sangeet Gawhale
02:02 pm - 02:10 pmAnkle arthrodesis using IMSC nail: Old wine, new bottleDr. Ajit Phadke
02:10 pm - 02:18 pmAITFL Avulsion fracture fixationDr. Sanjay Sonawne
02:18 pm - 02:30 pmQuestion- Answer sessionAll speakers
02:30 pm - 03:30 pmSession: Mixed bag(Chairpersons: Dr Rahman Khan, Dr MakarandDhopavkar)
02:30 pm - 02:38 pmDealing with small marginal fragments of distal radius fracturesDr. Ashok Gavaskar
02:38 pm - 02:46 pmSuprapatellar nailing for proximal tibia fracturesDr. Wasudeo Gadegone
02:46 pm - 02:54 pmHeel pad avulsions and skin loss after TA repairDr. Rajendra Nehete
02:54 pm - 03:02 pmManagement of infected hemiarthroplastyDr. Ajit Phadke
03:02 pm - 03:30 pmInteresting case based discussion:
(Moderator: Dr. Nirbhay Karandikar)
Dr.A.Karkhanis, Dr.B Shivashankar, Dr.S. Gawhale, Dr.C. Pradhan, Dr.A. Gavaskar
03:30 pm - 04:30 pmSession:Freepapers(Chairpersons: Dr Abhay Patil, Dr VilasIngle)
04:30 pm - 05:15 pmOrthopaedicQuizQ/M: Dr.Achin Murarka & Dr.IqrarRaja
05:15 pm - 05:30 pmWell Done VOS’ites-Felicitation of accomplished VOS members
@h/o: Dr Mahendra Kale, Dr Nirbhay Karandikar
05:30 pm - 06:00 pmSession:BeyondOrthopaedics(Chairpersons: Dr TarunRathi, Dr AbhinavKohnar)
05:30 pm - 05:45 pmMy journey from fat to fitDr. Rahul Tanga
05:45 pm - 06:00 pmRace Across America: RAAMDr. Rajendra Nehete
06:00 pm - 07:00 pmInauguration Chief Guest: Dr Ranjeet Patil(Maharashtra State Minister) MOC: Dr Tejas Waghela & Dr Mrs. Chitlange
07:00 pm onwardsBanquet MOE: Dr Satish Padghan, Dr Rajal Singi

Sunday 20 October 2019

08:00 am - 09:00 amBreakfast
09:00 am - 09:40 amSession: Shoulder(Chairpersons: Dr Atul Mahashabde, Dr Sumedh Chaudhary, Dr Sushil Vairagade)
09.00 am - 09.08 amDecoding scapula fracturesDr. Pradip Nemade
09.08 am - 09.16 amFour part proximal humerus fractures: My algorithmDr. Ashok Gavaskar
09.16 am - 09.24 amLateral end clavicle fractures: When and how to fix?Dr. Chetan Pradhan
09.24 am - 09.32 amMini-open rotator cuff repair : My techniqueDr. Pradip Nemade
09.32 am - 09.40 amQuestion and Answer sessionAll speakers
09:40 am - 10:40 amSession: Arthroscopy andSportsinjuries(Chairpersons: Dr Abhijeet Laul, Dr AmolKadu)
09.40 am - 09.48 amACL reconstruction: SimplifiedDr. Satyajeet Jagtap
09.48 am - 09.56 amRotatory instability in ACL injuries: Why it shouldn't be missed?Dr. Nilesh Kamat
09.56 am - 10.04 amACL avulsion fracture: Is scopy mandatory?Dr. Tejas Waghela
10.04 am - 10.12 amOsteochondral injuries of patella: My experienceDr. Mukesh Laddha
10.12 am - 10.20 amBiceps augmentation: Novel technique for rotator cuff repairDr. Satish Sonar
10.20 am - 10.28 amSubscapularis tears: How to identify and manage?Dr. Nilesh Kamat
10.28 am - 10.40 amQuestion and Answer sessionAll speakers
10:40 am - 12:00 pmSession: Wrist & Hand(Chairpersons: Dr Gajendra Raghuvanshi, Dr Sanjay Patil, Dr Govind Lahoti)
10.40 am - 10.48 amReading Wrist X-rays : The overarching principlesDr. Sudhir Warrier
10.48 am - 10.56 amScaphoid non-union : Simplifying the complex problemDr. Hemant Patankar
10.56 am - 11.04 amCommonly missed injuries of handDr. Praveen Bhardwaj
11.04 am - 11.12 amKienbock Disease : Solving the dilemmaDr. Amit Varade
11.12 am - 11.20 amPIP joint fracture dislocationsDr. Samrat Taori
11.20 am - 11.28 amMalunited lower end radius fractures: How to treat?Dr. Sudhir Warrier
11.28 am - 11.36 amDistal radius plating: How to avoid complications?Dr. Hemant Patankar
11.36 am - 11.44 amConservative treatment of common hand injuriesDr. Praveen Bhardwaj
11.44 am - 12.00 pmQuestion- Answer sessionAll speakers
12:00 pm - 01:20 pmSession : Paediatrics(Chairpersons: Dr Sanjay Sonawne, Dr Vijay Chopade, Dr Yogesh Salphale)
12.00 pm - 12.08 pmTen commandments of TENS nailingDr. Sandeep Patwardhan
12.08 pm - 12.16 pmTips and tricks of Ponseti castingDr. Milind Chaudhary
12.16 pm - 12.24 pmSlipped Capital femoral epiphysisDr. Alaric Aroojis
12.24 pm - 12.32 pmAlgorithm for late presenting supracondylar fracture of distal humerusDr. Viraj Shingade
12.32 pm - 12.40 pmPost Perthes hip : The second chanceDr. Sandeep Patwardhan
12.40 pm - 12.48 pmGrowth arrest shouldn't lead to thought arrestDr. Milind Chaudhary
12.48 pm - 12.54 pmFracture of neck of femur in a child: A different dilemmaDr. Alaric Aroojis
12.54 pm - 01.02 pmHow do I deal with missed Monteggia injuryDr. Viraj Shingade
01.02 pm - 01.20 pmQuestion- Answer sessionAll speakers
01:20 pm - 02:00 pmLunch/ Certificates
02:00 pm - 03:00 pmSession:GeneralOrthopaedics(Chairpersons: Dr Gopal Sikwal, Dr Sudhir Zilpewar, Dr NileshGattani)
02.00 pm - 02.08 pmExtra cutaneous plate osteosynthesis: My experienceDr. Rajendra Chandak
02.08 pm - 02.16 pmGeneral principles in the management of open fractures: The Ortho-
plastic approach
Dr. Dipak Malokar
02.16 pm - 02.24 pmOrthopaedic surgeon friendly flapsDr. Rajendra Nehete
02.24 pm - 02.32 pmCurrent concepts in OT asepsisDr. Unmesh Mahajan
02:32 pm- 02.40 pmRadiation exposure in OT: a hidden dangerDr. Nirbhay Karandikar
02.40 pm - 02.48 pmScales and measurements in Orthopaedics: A lost art?Dr. Rajendra Chandak
02.48 pm - 03.00 pmQuestion- Answer sessionAll speakers
03:00 pm - 04:00 pmSession: Humerus&Elbow(Chairpersons: Dr Rohit Vyawahare, DrSharad Rathi, Dr NileshToshniwal)
03.00 pm - 03.08 pmRadial nerve palsy in humerus shaft fractures: Is there a consensus?Dr. Praveen Bhardwaj
03.08 pm - 03.16 pmCapitellum and trochlea fractures: Treatment protocolDr. Chetan Pradhan
03.16 pm - 03.24 pmT-Y distal humerus fracture fixation without olecranon osteotomyDr. Anil Karkhanis
03.24 pm - 03.32 pmDemystifying terrible triad injuries of elbowDr. Sangeet Gawhale
03:00 pm - 04:00 pmSession: Humerus&Elbow(Chairpersons: Dr Rohit Vyawahare, DrSharad Rathi, Dr NileshToshniwal)
03.00 pm - 03.08 pmRadial nerve palsy in humerus shaft fractures: Is there a consensus?Dr. Praveen Bhardwaj
03.08 pm - 03.16 pmCapitellum and trochlea fractures: Treatment protocolDr. Chetan Pradhan
03.16 pm - 03.24 pmT-Y distal humerus fracture fixation without olecranon osteotomyDr. Anil Karkhanis
03.24 pm - 03.32 pmDemystifying terrible triad injuries of elbowDr. Sangeet Gawhale
03.32 pm - 03.40 pmRadial head fixation: Is it feasible in all cases?Dr. Rajendra Chandak
03.40 pm - 03.48 pmTennis elbow surgery: How to get assured results?Dr. Hemant Patankar
03.48 pm - 04.00 pmQuestion- Answer sessionAll speakers
04:00 pm - 04:30 pmGBM and Valedictory

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