Day 2

Day 2: 11th January, 2014


Day 2: 11th January, 2014
Breakfast Session

Master Chef Vidarbha (Standing Room Workshop Only)
Time: 08:00am – 09:30am (Saturday & Sunday) | Tag Line: Meet The Masters
Concept: A mini workshop on sidelines of breakfast, where in an experienced faculty will teach on bone models a technique that is commonly seen or needs to be performed. The participants will get a first hand experience observing the faculty simulate the procedure on a bone model.

6 discussion modules are as follows:

Fracture Scaphoid Fixation:
(Tips and pearls on models)

Table “Master Chef”:
Dr. Sudhir Warrier

Local faculty “Sous Chef”:
Dr. J. Taori

Local faculty “Sous Chef”:
Dr. Zilpelwar

Fractures of the Proximal Humerus:
(Tips and pearls on bone model)

Table “Master Chef”:
Dr. D. D. Tanna & Dr. Sangeet Gawahle

Local faculty “Sous Chef”:
Dr. Sanjay Sonowane

Local faculty “Sous Chef”:
Dr. Sumedh Chaudhari

Pelvic Reconstruction:
(Tips and pearls)

Table “Master Chef”:
Dr. Ashok Das & Dr. Dheenu Dhayalan

Local faculty “Sous Chef”:
Dr. Manoj Pahukar

Local faculty “Sous Chef”:
Dr. Tushar Bhure

Fracture of the Lateral End Clavicle:
(Tips and pearl for three techniques: Hook Plate/UC AC around Coracoid)

Table “Master Chef”:
Dr. Vishal Sahni & Dr. Sachin Tapasvi

Local faculty “Sous Chef”:
Dr. Subramanian

Local faculty “Sous Chef”:
Dr. Satyajeet Jagtap

Knotting techniques: e.g. Surgical Knot/ Sliding Knot/ Ligament Repair:

Table “Master Chef”:
Faculty as per Ethicon

Local faculty “Sous Chef”:
Dr. Vikram Sapre

Local faculty “Sous Chef”:
Dr. Hemant Puttewar

Company: ETHICON

Ethicon will bring their own faculty, 10 stations, 2 each, 20 people in each session. All stuff will be brought by Ethicon. Pre registration is compulsory. It will be repeated three time in a day, Time: 8-9, Lunch: 5 – 6.


Antibiotic Coated Nail:

Table “Master Chef”:
Dr. Ajit Phadke

Local faculty “Sous Chef”:
Dr. Asif Khan

Local faculty “Sous Chef”:
Dr. Alok Umre

DePuy for Cement

Synthes to arrange femora & K nails, DePuy to arrange cement, Gloves – Bowl- spoon.


Session 5: Debate

Time: 09:30am – 11:00am | Moderator: Dr. Amol Kadu & Dr. Debashish Barick

Format: 5 min slide each side 3 min rebuttal, 2 min concluding remark; 3 min moderator.


  • Traditional scrub vs Hand Rub: Dr. Kiran Saoji (Scrub) vs Dr. Unmesh Mahajan (Hand Rub)
  • AMP in orthopedics: Time to throw it out of Window? Dr. Anil Golhar (Against) vs Dr. D. D. Tanna (For)
  • Sach ka Saamna Kab? – Revising the Fixation of already fixed Trochanteric Fractures: Dr. Gadegone (For revision) vs Dr. Ashutosh Apte (Deferred revision)
  • Attending the conference: For and Against: Dr. Sanjiv Chaudhari (Against) vs Dr. Yogesh Salphale (For)

Session 6: Upper Limb

Time: 11:00am – 12:00pm | Chair Person: Dr. Avinash Patil & Dr. Sanjay Chandankhede

Topics: (Timings: 8 minutes each + 2 min discussion)

  • Unstable Elbow: Dr. D. D. Tanna
  • Surgical management of AVN Lunate: Dr. Sudhir Warrier
  • Scapular Neck Fracture: Dr. Sudhir Bhabhulkar
  • Ulnar Styloid Fractures & TFCC Injury – When to fix?: Dr. Sudhir Warrier
  • Replacement options for communited Fractures of proximal Humerus: Dr. Vishal Sahni
  • Treatment options for radial head fractures: Dr. Shrivastava

Session 7: Joint Replacement

Time: 12:00pm – 01:00pm | Chair Person: Dr. Laghuvendra Shekhar & Dr. Anup Kothari

Topics: (Timings: 8 minutes each + 2 min discussion)

  • Planning for Hip and Knee Replacement: Dr. S. Tapasavi
  • Global Consensus on infection Prevention Protocol for TJR – Savior for generations! Dr. S. V. Vaidya
  • Calibrated Varus TKR Release-New Paradigm: Dr. S. V. Vaidya
  • Choosing an Implant – The way we do it! Dr. Vijay Shetty
  • Periprosthetic Fractures around Hip: Dr. Ashok Das
  • Unhappy Knees – What to do what not to do? Dr. S. Tapasavi

Session 8: Bold & Beautiful – Innovations

Time: 02:00pm – 03:00pm | Chair Person: Dr. Barad & Dr. Ashish Choubey
Description: Platform to showcase any technique that has been developed as a result of an out of box thinking in an unconventional situation. Invited from known innovators as well as from all members.

Topics: (Timings: 5 minutes each + 2 min discussion)

  • Stichless scarless surgery for Galeazzi Fracture: Dr. Gadegone
  • Removing a Jammed Antibiotic Coated Nail (ACN) Dr. Alok Umre
  • Pearls from DDT: Dr. D. D. Tanna
  • Any topic of choice: Dr. Dheenu Dhayalan
  • To be chosen from abstracts received

Session 9: Sports medicine & Tumors

Time: 03:00pm – 04:00pm | Chair Person: Dr. Prasad Aparajit & Dr. Mukesh Laddha

Topics: (Timings: 8 minutes each + 2 min discussion)

  • CMC Joint Subluxation: Dr. Sudhir Warrier
  • Shoulder Impingements: Dr. Sanjay Marwah
  • Recurrent Dislocation of Patella: Dr. Sachin Tapasavi
  • Recurrence of Lytic Lesion around Knee: Dr. Dhopavkar
  • AC Joint Stabilisation: Dr. Vishal Sahni

Session 10: Free paper 1 & Free paper 2

(Hall to be divided into two)

Time: 04:00pm – 05:00pm | Chair Person: Dr. Koichade & Dr. Mohd Faisal

(Timings: 6 minutes each + 2 min discussion)
Case Discussions

Time: 05:00pm – 06:00pm | Chair Person: Dr. D. D. Tanna

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