55 Yrs old Lady having severe Pain in Right knee for 3 months. Click on and off. No significant trauma. Not diagnosed (Mostly as OA, Chronic Knee Pain).

Clinically MJLT with deep posteromedial pain, Mcmurrays +ve fr LM. X-ray shows Early MJOA.

MRI Reported as Grade II MM Lesion, but Films shows Posterior Root Avulsion of Medial Meniscus and Anterior Horn Lateral Meniscus… Arthroscopy confirms and shows complete Anterior Avulsion of Lateral Meniscus, Grade IV Chondral defect MFC 2x2CM.
Did Arthroscopic Repair of Lateral Meniscus using Anchors, Chondroplasty fr FMC and only debrided Medial Meniscus Root considering, Tightness of Medial Compartment, age and Activity.

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